The Emotional Language of Clothing

Diana Cilliers, a costume designer, boasts an impressive list of accolades and nominations. Her work has earned her two Emmy Award nominations for Best Costume Design in 2013 and 2016, a Danish Robert Award nomination in 2015, and a Canadian Gemini Award in 2004. In addition, she received the Women’s International Television and Film Showcase Award in 2013 and achieved multiple wins and nominations at the SAFTA/Golden Horn Awards between 2004 and 2017.

A Deep Appreciation for Period Costumes

Diana has a remarkable portfolio that extends across film and television. Notable among her recent projects is her work as a costume designer for the acclaimed live-action series, One Piece. Her impressive contributions to the world of cinema include significant roles in movies such as “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom,” “District 9,” “The Salvation,” and “Chappie.”

Her profound knowledge of historical clothing provides invaluable support to directors and actors in character development. Diana’s exceptional work earned her two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Costume Design in 2013 and 2016.

Renowned for her meticulous attention to detail, she is celebrated for creating historically accurate and visually stunning costumes.

With a remarkable career marked by continuous growth and artistic exploration, Diana stands as an influential figure in the world of costume design, constantly pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional work. Her passion and talent make her a true visionary in the art of costume design.